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Palletizing- using Offset (Method 2)

Method 2 - Using OFST
The OFST command allows the user to define a set amount of OFST added on to all points for the moves following the issuance of the OFST command.
This OFST setting can be performed on each individual axis or all axes in the system.

Which axis actually receives the OFST amount in the point table is determined by the axis pattern placed in Operand 1.
The OFST method minimizes code because it adds on to the point table data without actually changing the data in the point table.

For example:

    MOVP   1
    OFST   10   33.41
    MOVP   1

The above code moves the actuators to position 1, adds on an offset in the Y plane of 33.41mm, then moves to position 1 again with an added offset of 33.41 in the Y plane. The X axis remains the same.

If the user wishes to "clear" the offset for the y-axis, the code would look as follows:

    OFST   10   0

The following I/O has been chosen by the user:

Output 304 : "On" = pneumatic z down, "Off" = pneumatic z up
Output 303 : "On" = gripper close, "Off" = gripper open
Input 12 : "On" = cycle start
Input 11 : "On" = z extended, "Off" = z retracted