Significantly Higher Payload and Maximum Speed
Stores Much More Programs and Positions

The larger memory lets you store much more programs and positions. The additional data recovery function makes sure the original data can be restored should writing to a FLASH drive fails due to a power failure.


Three Times As Many I/O Points As Conventional Models

When the standard I/O slot isn't enough, up to two additional expansion I/O slots can be installed.

More Variations

4 different sizes are available each for the TTA-A (Portal-type) and the TTA-C (Cantilever-type). The 3-axis specification is available in two types of Z-axis strokes: 100mm and 150mm.

Special ZR-Axis Types Available

The new ZR types of the TTA series have the rotation module mounted at the tip of the vertical axis (Z-axis). Therefor it is possible to attach more applications to the Z-axis slider (i.e.: a camera).

Greater Bending Rigidity

Greater bending rigidity is achieved by integrating the structure of the Y-axis base with the mounting bracket.



Labyrinth Structure to Suppress Intrusion of Foreign Matter into X-axis

The X-axis opening is structured as a labyrinth in order to make it difficult for foreign matter dropping onto the actuator (such as screws, molten metal, dust, etc.) to enter the X-axis. This expands the types of work environment supported.

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