protection class IP65 for water and dust protection

First splash-proof slider-type RoboCylinder.

A special structure where the base is positioned upside down to position the opening at the bottom which achieves the first splash-proof slider-type RoboCylinder with the protection class IP65 against splash water and dust.


compact design

Compared to the waterproof types of the ISWA series the profile of the RCP4W was reduced to 60% of the size of the comparable ISWA models. Furthermore, the price of the new axis could be reduced.

compatible controller PowerCon 150 PCON-CA

Combined with the PowerCon 150 PCON-CA a maximum speed of 0.6G is possible. In addition to that the calender and maintenance functions are also available.

wall and ceiling mounting types available

You can choose between 4 different wall/ceiling mounting types for the RCP4W series.

3 different cable exit directions

There are 3 different cable exit directions to choose from to adapt the axis to different needs. Possible is the cable exit on the back, the right or left side.

4-sided slider

The slider of the new RCP4 axis is wrapped circular around the axis so that there is a mounting possibility on the top, bottom, left and right side of the axis.

2 different greases to choose

To grease the ballscrew and lead you can choose between 2 greases; one for industrial purposes (Daphe Eponex No.2) and one suitable for food processing facilities (Medallion No.1).

width 85mm 95mm 110mm
stroke 500mm 600mm 700mm
maximum speed 330mm/s 400mm/s 530mm/s
maximum payload 10kg 15kg 20kg
positioning repeatability +/- 0.02mm