IS(P)DA(CR) Series (Dust Shield & Clean Room Actuator)

Dust protected actuator (IP 40), also as clean room type (ISO cleanliness class 4), for single- or multi-axis applications. Available in 4 different sizes (94/125/155/198 mm) for speed up to 2000 mm/sec and stroke up to 2,500mm.

  • A protective stainless steel sheet prevents particles from getting inside the actuator, and restricts grease from migrating outside the actuator
  • All of the components used including the AC servo motor, ballscrew, guide and frame, were developed by our company
  • Repeatability: +/-0.02 mm (P-type: +/-0.01mm)
  • Maximum stroke: 2,500 mm
  • Maximum speed: 2,000 mm/s
  • Maximum payload: 150 kg

Anti-ESD treatment as option for IS(P)DA-CR: IS(P)DA-CR-ESD