1. Swivel arm robot (horizontal 4-axis robot), "top of the class" with a high speed, high payload and precision.
  2. Compact and highly rigid.
  3. Substantially improved path accuracy and interpolation function.
  4. Considerably simplified operation.
  5. Simple to program.
  6. Z-axis pressure function.
  7. Straightforward installation of collision control zones.
  8. Complete Absolute Operation.
  9. Widest Variations in the Industry.
High Speed, Load Capacity and Accuracy
Standard cycle time(*) 0,44sec (Arm length 500mm)
0,35sec (Ultra compact type)
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0,01/±0,005°
±0,15/±0,005°(Arm length 700/800mm)
Maximum load capacity 20kg (Arm length 700/800mm)
1kg (Ultra compact type)

*The standard cycle time refers to the length of time for the arm to cycle back and forth over a vertical distance of 25 mm and a horizontal distance of 300 mm (rough positioning). This is based on an arm length of 500 for the bacic-/high-power high-speed type NSN. For the ultra compact type evaluation the horizontal distance was shortened to 100 mm.


Compact and highly rigid
IX IH comparison
Compared to the predecessor IH series a more compact form.
IX Arm
Arm 1 is made from a aluminium like material which combines light weight and high rigidy.
Improved Tracing Accuracy and Interpolation Function

The IX Series offers greatly improved tracing accuracy as a result of a more rigid body construction in addition to a higher controller processing speed.

The robot can also perform three-dimensional arc/pass motions to allow for easy and accurate dispensing operations.

Command Operation 1 Operation 2

Path movement consisting of many points can be implemented with a single line in the program.

Considerably simplified operation

An easily accessible D-sub/25-pin connector is provided on top of the robot for user connections.Two Ø4 and two Ø6 tube connectors are also available for any user tubing needs. In addition, the brake-release switch on the robot allows you to release the brake even after the controller has been turned off.(*1) The alarm indicator alerts you of errors that occur on the robot.(*2)

*1 24 VDC power must be supplied regardless of whether or not the brake-release switch is used.
*2 In order to use the alarm indicator, it must be wired by the user.

Simple to program

The IX Series uses programs written in the Super SEL language, a well-established command language used by Cartesian robots. With Super SEL, complex operations can be programmed easily, allowing programs to be created quickly without prior knowledge of robot language.

Z-axis pressure function

With the Z-axis (vertical axis) push motion function, the robot can press-fit loads or control the torque.

Straightforward installation of collision control zones

A maximum of 10 interference check zones can be set within the robot’s work envelope. Since a signal is output when a load enters a check zone, this function is useful for conducting test operations at low speed.

*The load must remain inside a zone for at least 5 msec to ensure accurate detection.

Complete Absolute Operation

All models adopt a 17-bit serial absolute encoder; therefore, accurate positioning can be performed without homing each time. If the need arises, an absolute reset can be performed easily and accurately using a dedicated jig.

Widest Variations in the Industry
The IX Series provides the following variations:
  • Ultra compact Type
  • Standard Type
  • High-Speed Type
  • Clean Room Type
  • Dustproof/Splash-proof Type
  • Ceiling Mount Inverse Type

The five types listed above are suitable for a wide range of applications.