Higher speed than the existing 230 VAC SCARA

The high-power 400 VAC specification types for the arm length longer than 250mm of all models of Dustproof/Splash-proof Type, Clean Room Type, Wall Mount Type, Ceiling Mount Type and High-speed Type are released. The standard cycle time of the high-power 400 VAC Standard Type is greatly reduced in a range of 11.4% to 20.8%, compare to the existing 230 VAC models.

Standard Cycle Time

 Standard typeHigh-speed type
Arm length (mm) 250 350 500 600 700 800 500 600
Standard cycle
time (s)
0.4. 0.42 0.39 0.43 0.42 0.43 0.28 range 0.29 range
Ratio of cycle time reduction
to the existing
230 VAC models
13.0% 20.8% 11.4% 17.3% 16.0% 17.3% 3.4% 23.7%
Highest speed, load capacity and accuracy in its class
cycle time

Standard cycle time: 0.28 sec.range (*1)
Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.01mm/±0.005°(*2)
Maximum load capacity: 20kg (*3)

*1 - The standard cycle time refers to the length of time for the arm to cycle back and forth over a vertical distance of 25 mm and a horizontal distance of 300 mm (rough positioning).This is based on an arm length of 500 for the high-speed type.
*2 - ±0.015mm/±0.005°if the arm length is 700/800
*3 - Based on an arm length of 700/800

Optimum acceleration function
Fast acceleration Slow acceleration
Fast acceleration (deceleration) with a light load Slow acceleration (deceleration) with a heavy load

By entering conditions, such as the transfer mass, and specifiying the optimum acceleration for those conditions, operation at the minimum cycle time can easily be achieved.