Choose from 12 types
12 types to choose from

You can choose from a total of 12 different types out of the RCP2 and RCS2 series.

Hollow structure

The output axis of the horizontal type has a hollow structure, so wires from devices installed along the output axis can be passed through it.

Multiple rotation specifications

Some models have multiple rotation specifications that allow rotations exceeding 360 degrees. There are two different specifications available, the index mode and the normal mode.
With the index mode the axis works like an index table allowing rotation with unlimited degree made from small single rotations up to 360 degrees with short stops between each of them.
The normal mode works on the same principle as a linear actuator and allows free rotation between ±9999 degrees without having to stop.

High-precision positioning

The rotary axes are available as normal or high precision types with a position precision repeatability up to ±0,005 degree.