High Torque Type, Large Hollow Bore Type
  Slim type
(Rated torque: 8.4 N∙m)
High torque type
(Rated torque: 25 N∙m)
Standard Hollow
bore type
tl_files/iai/produkte/img/neuerscheinungen/DD/dd_01_01_en.jpg tl_files/iai/produkte/img/neuerscheinungen/DD/dd_01_02_en.jpg
Large Hollow
bore type
tl_files/iai/produkte/img/neuerscheinungen/DD/dd_01_01_en.jpg tl_files/iai/produkte/img/neuerscheinungen/DD/dd_01_04_en.jpg
High Torque, High Payload

The series now includes models designed for high torque and high payload, so you can choose an ideal model for your application.

High Speed, High Acceleration/Deceleration

Shorter positioning time means shorter cycle time of your equipment, resulting in greater productivity.

High Resolution Type Added
  High resolution type Standard type
Model DD-18P DD-18S
Encoder resolution 20-bit
1,048,576 pulses/rev
131,072 pulses/rev
Positioning repeatability ±0.00103 deg
±3.7 arcsec
±0.0055 deg
±19.8 arcsec
Compact Size

THe small bore standard type is realized with a length and width of only 180 mm and a heigth of 53 mm. That allows the use of the DD series in small spaces and more possible applications.

Index Absolute Type or Multi-rotation Absolute Type Can be Selected

The Direct Drive Motor comes in the index absolute type having an operating range of 0 to 359,999 deg and the multi-rotation absolute type having an operating range of ±9,999 deg. Neither type requires a home return, meaning that once the power has been turned on, the actuator can move directly from the current position. The index type does not need an absolute battery

Positioning Controller and Programming Controller available

There is a 1-axis positioning controller and a multi-axes programming controller available for the DD motor.