SCON-CAL Features

Small Size

The SCON-CAL measures only 49 mm wide, 158 mm high and 116 mm deep, making it substantially smaller than the SCON-CA.

Multiple SCON-CALs can be installed without leaving any space in between, which helps reduce the installation space for your control panel.

Easy Maintenance

When the absolute battery voltage or fan speed drops, the “WRG (warning)” LED turns on to alert the situation. With this function, you are informed visually when to replace each maintenance part. (The controller can also be set up to output a warning signal.)

The total number of actuator movements and the total distance travelled are calculated and recorded in the controller, and when the predetermined count or distance is exceeded, a signal is output to an external device. You can use this function to check when the actuator needs re-greasing or periodic inspection.
Past alarms are displayed to facilitate the analysis of the alarms because the time and date of each alarm that has occurred is now shown on the alarm history screen.

FieldNetwork support

CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, CompoNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET IO are supported.

Mountable on DIN Rails

The DIN rail mounting specification is available as an option.

SCON/MSCON Differences
Supported encoders Incremental
Pulse train control - -
Servo monitor function (*1) -
Offboard tuning (*2)
no Servo monitor analysis
Vibration control function (*3)
no Servo monitor analysis
Axis address setting method Rotary switch Parameter Fixed
Global Support - -
Number of connectable axes 1 1 1-6
Supported motors 12W/20W/30W/60W/100W/150W/200W motor
400W/600W/750W motor - -
LSA-S10H/N10/N15/N19, LSAS-N10/N15 - -
750W motor with load cell - -
  1. Servo monitor function: You can check the current speed, position, etc.
  2. Offboard tuning: An optimal servo gain is calculated according to the load.
  3. Vibration control function: When the actuator slider moves, oscillation (vibration) of the work installed on the slider is suppressed.