Ultra-compact size

Ultra-compact size has been achieved, with a cross-section of only 12 mm with a body length as short as 60 mm. The Micro Cylinder RCD is small enough to replace compact air cylinders used for short-stroke travel, pressing, hoisting, etc.

High-speed performance

The Micro Cylinder RCD incorporates a newly developed brushless DC motor that generates sufficient torque despite its compact size. Its high-speed performance with maximum accelleration/deceleration of 1 G and maximum speed of 300 mm/s is highly effective in reducing cycle time in a variety of systems.

Capable of 3-point positioning, acceleration rete adjustment, and pressing

The Micro Cylinder RCD easily achieves 3-point positioning and acceleration/deceleration rate adjustments, which are difficult to achieve using air cylinders. Push-motion operation similar to that available with air cylinders is also possible, and the force exerted during a push-motion operation is adjustable.

Item Description
Drive method - Lead screw with 3mm diameter and 2mm lead
Stroke (mm) 10/20/30
Rated acceleration (G) 1.0
Rated speed (Note 1) (mm/s) 300
Rated thrust (N) 4.2
Payload (Note 2) (kg) Horizontal 0.7, Vertical 0.3
Positioning repeatability (Notes3, 4) (mm) ±0.05
Encoder resolution (pulses/rev) 400
Lost motion (Notes 3, 4) (mm) 0.2 or smaller
Rod static allowable load moment (Nm) 0.02
Rod non-rotating accuracy (degrees) ±3°
Service life (cycles) 10 million cycles (for horizontal and vertical)
Ambient operating temperature; Humidity 0–40°C; 10%–85% RH or less

Note 1: The rated speed may not be achieved, depending on the stroke.
Note 2: When using an external guide and a free joint.
Note 3: Value shown is the initial value, which may change depending on usage conditions because a lead screw is used.
Note 4: If positioning repeatability is required, take lost motion into account and perform positioning from only one direction.