Control Maximum of 4 RoboCylinder Axes with Pulse Motor

Actuators with pulse motor in the past were able to control only up to two axes at maximum with one program controller. By using MSEL, four axes will be available for control. In addition it is possible to control not only slider or rod types of the RCP5/4/3/2 series but also rotary axes and grippers.
It is also available for interpolation operation, which enhances the ways of use.

Available to Connect RoboCylinders RCP5 and RCP4

By applying to PowerCON, it is now possible to perform interpolation operation with RoboCylinders RCP5 and RCP4, which are applicable for high-output driver, but were not feasible with the program controller PSEL in the past.

Greatly Enhanced Programing Feature

The feature has been greatly upgraded with four times as many programs and twenty times as many positions compared to our products (PSEL) in the past.

Equipped with Expansion I/O Slot

In addition to the standard IO (IN 16 points / OUT 16 points), one slot is available as the expansion I/O slot. The expansion I/O is available to select from PIO (IN 16 points / OUT 16 points) and four types of field network.

Cable and Cost Reduction
Applicable for Various Models

It is now compatible with pulse motor type RoboCylinders RCP5 / RCP4 / RCP3 / RCP2