Models with brake unit available

Rod type and table type Mini RoboCylinder are now available with a brake unit. This allows for those axes to be used for vertical operations. Please note however that because of the at the rear end attachment of the brake unit those models are different in size and appearance compared to the models without.

Mini RoboCylinder (space saving)
Mini RoboCylinder (space saving)
The Mini Table Compact type RCA2-TC3N has dimensions smaller than a business card.

The new Mini RoboCylinder is an achievement in small electromechanical cylinders. It incorporates a newly developed motor, and its significantly reduced length, width and height make it comparable in size to air cylinders.

The Mini RoboCylinder is the perfect replacement for air cylinders in systems that previously could only use air cylinders due to size constraints.

Shaped like an air cylinder and easy to use

The new RoboCylinder is available in shapes similar to air cylinders.

Users accustomed to the operation of pneumatic systems are able to use the new RoboCylinder effortlessly.


New variations

New Mini RoboCylinder variations available like the high-performance, long stroke types with 46mm width or the smaller slim types.