Shorter cycle time and greater ease of use achieved by new functions

The offboard tuning function lets you set an optimal gain for the load.
Furthermore, the simple absolut function has been extended to support the absolut encoders of the RCA series.

Micro cylinder capable of multi-point positioning to 512 positions

The ultra-compact micro cylinder is tiny enough to replace a small air cylinder and supports up to 512 positioning points. Advanced position settings are possible for transfer, pushmotion and up/down applications

Maintenance timings can be checked using the traveled distance calculation function

The total distance travelled by the actuator is calculated and recorded in the controller, and if the preset distance is exceeded, a signal is output from the controller.
This function can be used to check when to add grease or perform the next periodic inspection.


Alarm timestamps can be retained by the calendar function

The built-in calendar function (clock function) records alarms and other events with timestamps, which helps analyze the causes of troubles should they occur.


Supporting a comprehensive range of field networks

The following FieldNetwork options are available for the ACON-CA and DCON-CA: DeviceNet, CCLink, Profibus, Profinet* CompoNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP

Field network connection allows for direct numerical specification, position number specification, and current position read, among others.



*available soon