RCP2 Gripper High-Speed/Cleanroom/Dustproof Type

The new developed small RCP2 2-finger-grippers achieve high closing speed in a compact body (actuator width: 42 mm). Two types are available: RCP2-GRSS slider type and RCP2-GRLS lever type.

  • Stroke: 8 mm slide type, 180 deg lever type
  • Max. Gripping Force: 14 N slide type, 6.4 N lever type
  • Max. Opening/Closing Speed: 78 mm/s slide type, 800 deg/s lever type
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.01 mm (± 0.01 deg).
  • Also available as cleanroom (ISO class 4) and dustproof (IP50) type

The 2-finger-long-stroke gripper RCP2-GRST is an additional more efficient slider type variant with a stroke up to 100 mm, a max. gripping force of 40 N and a max. speed of 75 mm/s.