EleCylinder: Simple-to-use Cylinder with Built-in Controller


Change from Pneumatics to EleCylinder

It has never been so easy and so cheap to do without pneumatics. The electric actuators of the EleCylinder series with built-in controller are not only a real alternative in terms of system costs.

They are developped for movement between two points like a pneumatic cylinder. The speed, acceleration and deceleration can be set in less than 5 minutes. Also other facts speak for themselves:  

  • Efficiency from 60% to 90% (at least 50% higher than pneumatic cylinders)
  • almost wear-free
  • increased production safety as the function can not be changed by unauthorized third parties

For environmental reasons too, EleCylinders have become indispensable for modern, sustainable production. They are efficient and resource-saving at the same time.

Free Trial!

We advise you comprehensively and figure out which EleCylinder are best suited to your needs. You can test it over a period of four weeks. Free of charge and without obligation.

EC EleCylinder Series

Slider Type | Rod Type| Radial Cylinder


EleCylinder Slider Type EC-R6 R7 Rod Type     EleCylinder Radial Cylinder


Slider Type


Rod Type



Rod Type



Radial Cylinder

Mini Slider Type | Mini Rod Type


EC-RP4 Mini Tapped Hole Rod Type   EC-GS4 Mini Single Guide Rod Type   EC-GD4 Mini Double Guide Rod Type   EC-TC4 Mini Compact Table Type   EC-TW4 Mini Wide Table Type


Mini Rod Type



Mini Rod Type
Singe Guide



Mini Rod Type
Double Guide



Mini Compact
Table Type



Mini Table Type

Change to EleCylinder

Simple programming-free operation

Operation is possible with data entry alone. No need to perform complicated programming. Operation is possible with ON/OFF signals alone, just like solenoid valves.

Start and end points can be set to any position

Enter stop position:

AVD values are easily set

Enter the operating conditions:

Easily repairable in the event of a breakdown

Troubleshooting can be performed using the teaching pendant. Device stoppage causes and countermeasures are displayed. In nearly all cases, just replace the motor or controller circuit board yourself and the unit will recover.


Catalogs - The EleCylinder at a glance

RCA2 RCA-Serie rev3 2011 mit 24 VDC Servomotor
EC EleCylinder EC EleCylinder 6.3 MiB

Simple-to-use Cylinder with Built-in Controller.

General Catalog

EC EleCylinder S6_7
EC EleCylinder S6/7 EC EleCylinder S6/7 1.7 MiB

Simple to use - EleCylinder with Built-in Controller.

Medium Standard Slider Type

(Extract from the Complete Catalog)

EC Mini-EleCylinder
EC Mini-EleCylinder EC Mini-EleCylinder 1.5 MiB

Simple to use - EleCylinder with Built-in Controller.

Mini Slider Type / Mini Rod Type

(Extract from the Complete Catalog)

Allgemeine IAI Programmübersicht rev9 2013
EleCylinder Produktprogramm EleCylinder Produktprogramm 963.3 KiB

Simple-to-use EleCylinder Series