Electrical Cylinders

Compared to pneumatic drives, electric drives offer a whole range of advantages:

  • Robust with load fluctuations
  • Jerk-free starting and stopping
  • Simple speed regulation
  • Control of various positions with highest repeatability

Also for cost and environmental protection reasons, electric cylinders have become indispensable in modern, sustainable production. You save energy - and at the same time contribute to a "green" image for the manufacturing companies.



Affordable, highly precise an highly rigid actuators have 1/5th the running coste of a pneumatic system.

Miniature Zylinder:

Next-generation electric actuators, the solution for space constrained applications. Information about the design, operation and the many variants can be found on the page Miniature Cylinders.


Waterproof Types:

These actuators offer protection conforming to IP54-IP67, an are a desirable solution when operated in adverse environments.