Dust-proof/splash-proof performance of IP67

The RCP4W rod type adopts a splash-proof structure to shut out water even when the cylinder is
submerged in water, for use in food preparation machines, washing machines and other systems
exposed to water splashes and jets.

Built-in guide to achieve longer strokes while accommodating a radial load

A ball-circulating linear guide is built into the actuator to achieve longer strokes of up to 500 mm.

Furthermore a maximum radial payload of 1.7 kg at the tip is achieved on 300mm stroke models.

High speed and high acceleration/deceleration

The RCP4W boasts the maximum acceleration/deceleration of 1 G and maximum speed of 560 mm/s, which are approx. 1.6 times the maximum acceleration/deceleration and maximum speed of any conventional splash-proof rod type, enabling a shorter cycle time for your system.

Improved maintainability

The ball screw and guide can be lubricated at the same time by adding grease from the grease nipples provided on the top face of the nut holder. Another grease nipple is provided on the top face of the front bracket to grease the sliding part of the rod.

Replacing the seals at the sliding part of the rod is very easy, because all you need is to change the front bracket.

type size (mm) stroke (mm) ball screw lead (mm) maximum speed (mm/s) (*1) payload (kg) max. push force (N)
horizontal (*2) vertical (*3)
RA6C tl_files/iai/produkte/img/neuerscheinungen/RCP4W_Rod/RCP4W-RA6C_size.jpg 50~400
(every 50mm)
12 560
20 3 93
6 360 40 8 185
3 180 50 16 370
RA7C tl_files/iai/produkte/img/neuerscheinungen/RCP4W_Rod/RCP4W-RA7C_size.jpg 50~400
(every 50mm)
16 560
40 7 219
8 340
50 15 437
4 170
70 25 875

(*1) The values in [] apply when the actuator is used vertically.
(*2) horizontal payload measured with 0.3G acceleration/deceleration.
(*3) vertical payload measured with 0.5G acceleration/deceleration.