Cartesian RCP6 RoboCylinder System IK-P6 Series: Cartesian RoboCylinder have never been more affordable.

The RoboCylinder equipped as standard with a Battery-less Absolute Encoder has been added to the "IK Series“. It helps reduce the design and assembly steps. The RoboCylinder RCP6 Series has been adopted to achieve even higher speeds compared with conventional models.

Diverse Combinations

The available combinations have been greatly expanded from the conventional models, allowing the ideal selection to suit your needs from 396 options (7056 options including the cable track selection). New configuration types using the RCP6 wide slider type (WSA) have been added.

Equipped with high resolution Battery-less Absolute Encoder as standard

  • Equipped as standard with Battery-less Absolute Encoder for all conguration axes.
  • No battery maintenance is required since there is no battery.
  • Homing operation is not required at startup or after emergency stop or malfunction.
  • This reduces your operation time, resulting in reduced production costs.