ICS(P)A2 Series (2-Axis Integrated Combination System)

The most commonly selected IS(P)A Series configurations are offered as completed double axis systems ("P": precision design).
All cartesian ICS(P)A2 Series systems are lightweight, compact, and highly stable platforms.
A wide variety of unit configurations are available to suit each user`s particular needs.
Each cartesian ICS(P)A2 System comes with all brackets and cabling and is ready to be assembled and introduced into producton setting. This allows the user to increase productivity immediately.

  • Maximum stroke x-/y-axis: 2.500 mm / 1.200 mm (Gantry Type)
  • Maximum Payload y-axis: 40 kg
  • With self-standing hose or cable track assembly
  • Brake and limit switch option for all linear actuators
  • Dedicated X and Y axes are used for combination.

Ask for dust shield or cleanroom systems as well as the combinations other than IS(P)A Series actuators (NS, LSA).

Each Combination System is delivered with an appropriate multi-axis X-SEL controller.