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The security function STO/SS1-t in the SCON-CB Controller compies with the following electronic safety standards: 

• ISO / EN ISO 13849-1 Kategorie 3 PL e
• IEC 61508 SIL3
• IEC / EN61800-5-2
• IEC / EN62061 SIL CL3


Availabe from

April 2019


  GRS 2-Punkt-Hubmagnet-Greifer

Solenoid Gripper GRS

Small, affordable, easy to operate!
The new Solenoid Gripper

Catalogue: Solenoid Gripper GRS



Available from

February 2019


  RCP6(S)-GRST Langhub-Greifer

Long Stroke Gripper RCP6(S)-GRST

Long stroke and high grip force
Ideal for grasping large workpieces

Catalogue: Long Stroke Gripper RCP6(S)-GRST



Availabe from

February 2019
  RCS4/RCS4CR Serie

RoboCylinder RCS4/RCS4CR Series

RoboCylinder Standard & Cleanroom Slider Types
with Battery-less Absolute Encoder

Catalogue: RoboCylinder RCS4/RCS4CR Serie



Availabe from

December 2018