Servo Press RCS3/2 RA_R

Servo Press Specification Available

The servo press specification actuator is equipped with a load cell to allow for the force control.

What Is Push-motion Operation?

Similar to an air cylinder, push-motion operation is the function of keeping the rod and slider pushed to the work, etc. Servo press provides superior stop stability during pressing, which makes them optimal for push-motion operation. Also, servo press can be used in a wide variety of applications because it can be used in work operations that require strong push force, such as press fitting and caulking operation.

What Is Force Control?

A function that can perform high precision push control output using the feedback data from the dedicated load cell installed in the actuator.

What Is the Servo Press Specification?

The specification which can perform various push-motion operations by using the press program.

High Precision Load Control

Equipped with a dedicated load cell at the rod tip to detect the load applied to the pressed object. This provides the high precision load control with the loading repeatability of ┬▒0.5% F.S. (full-scale).

F.S.: Full Scale Maximum measurable value

Extensive Lineup

The servo press speci.cation can be selected from 8 model types with the max. push force of 200N~50000N.