IAI’s Next Generation RoboCylinder: RCP6

You Can Select the Product That Best Suits Your Needs from an Abundant Lineup of 92 Models.

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Equipped with High-resolution Battery-less Absolute Encoder as Standard.

The advantages of an actuator with battery-less absolute encoder

No battery maintenance is required since there is no battery. Since home-return operation is not required at start up or after emergency stop or malfunction, this reduces your operation time, resulting in reduced production costs. Price is the same as the conventional incremental encoders.

The advantages of using an absolute encoder

  1. With an absolute encoder, home-return is not required.
  2. No external home sensor is required since home-return is not necessary.
  3. Removal of items being worked on is not necessary, even after an emergency stop.
  4. The troublesome creation of home-return programs is not necessary even when stopping in the complex inside of a machine.

The advantages of battery-less

  1. No battery maintenance required
  2. No installation space for battery required

Improved Positioning Repeatability

With the improvement of the accurate processing technology of rolled ball screws and the thread grooves of nuts, a signicantly higher precision compared to the previous RoboCylinder’s positioning repeatability (±20m) has been achieved.


PowerCon Compatible

Compatible with PowerCon which is equipped with a high-output driver. The output of the stepper motor has increased by about 50% due to the use of PowerCon. This can reduce cycle time and help improve productivity.

The Built-in Controller Type Is Available for All Models

Standard/separate controller type or built-in controller type can be selected for all models.

The advantages of a built-in controller type

  • Smaller control panel.
  • Simple wiring.
  • Less maintenance parts necessary because wires are being shared.